Common Mistakes : Bring

Common Mistakes : Bring


Common Mistakes :  Bring


?BAD: Would you like me to bring you home ?GOOD: Would you like me to take you home

.BAD: Whenever I go sightseeing, I bring my camera with me .GOOD: Whenever I go sightseeing, I take my camera with me


:(‘Bring means ‘come with sb/sth’ (NOT ‘go ?Could you bring me a glass of water, please !I’ll see you tomorrow at the club, and remember to bring your tennis racket

:(‘Take means ‘go with sb/sth’ (NOT ‘come .You take the shopping indoors and I’ll put the car away .When I go on holiday, I like to take a good book with me

You usually take someone home, to school or to a cinema/restaurant/airport etc :(NOT bring/lead/send/carry) .Lucy took us to Stratford to see a play .If you need a lift to the station, as Peter to take you

Lead If you lead someone to a place, you guide them there by walking in front of them, holding them by the arm, etc .Some blind people like to be led across the road .The children led me through the wood to their secret hiding place

:Send If you send a person somewhere, you tell them to go there. You do not go with them .My company sends one of us to Singapore every six months

:Fetch If you fetch something, you go the place where it is and come back with it .We waited at reception while the porter fetched our luggage

Carry If you go somewhere with something in your hands, in your arms, on your back etc, you carry it .She carried her chair into the garden and sat in the sun .In some countries women carry their babies on their backs

Collect/fetch If you collect or fetch someone (from somewhere), you go there and bring them back with you .I have to collect the children from school at 4 o’clock

Pick up If you pick up someone (at a place), you go to the place where they are waiting, usually in a car or other vehicle, and then take them somewhere I’ll pick you up at your house just after seven. That gives us half an hour go get to the stadium

.BAD: I went back into the house to bring my sunglasses .GOOD: I went back into the house to fetch my sunglasses

.BAD: Global warming is bringing changes in the weather .GOOD: Global warming is bringing about changes in the weather

.BAD: Nuclear power could bring the destruction of our planet .GOOD: Nuclear power could bring about the destruction of our planet

:When you mean ‘finally cause something to happen or exist’, use bring about .These new manufacturing methods brought about an increase in production .The company’s poor performance was brought about by factors beyond its control

.BAD: Our tourist industry brings a lot of foreign exchange .GOOD: Our tourist industry brings in a lot of foreign exchange

:(bring in = make or earn (money .The job keeps me busy and brings in a little extra cash

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