Collocations with task

Collocations with task

Collocations with task

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

? N1 –  a very difficult task

 a daunting task a frightening task an alarming task

? N2 – a task that is unpleasant and that no one wants to do

an un attractive task an ugly task an unenviable task

? N3 – a task that is difficult but necessary

a thankless task a needful task a needy task


? Which word best completes the sentence

N4 – By this age, children should be able to ______ simple household tasks themselves

Bring off Carry out Carry off

N5 – Newton was ____________ the task of solving this problem

dealt posed assigned


: Answers

a daunting task an unenviable task a thankless task carry out assigned

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