Collocations with remark

Collocations with remark

Collocations with remark

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

N1. a remark that you do not think about carefully

 an unthought remark a casual remark a mindless remark

N2. a remark that is clever and amusing

 a witty remark a fun remark a bright remark

N3. a remark that was not planned or intended

 a lucky remark an unplanned remark a chance remark

? Which word best completes the sentence

N4. Sue was always _________ annoying remarks like that

doing making saying

N5. Derek replied, ____________ the remark to Glen rather than me

 telling giving saying addressing speaking

: Answers

a casual remark  / a witty remark / a chance remark / making / addressing

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