Collocations with rain

Collocations with rain

Collocations with rain

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

? N1. Rain with little water coming down

 light rain Small rain drip rain

? N2. Very heavy rain

 drowning rain pouring rain flooding rain

? N3. Rain which contains pollution from factories

 dirty rain acrid rain acid rain

? Which word best completes the sentence

. _________ N4. We sheltered in a shop for a few minutes until the rain

 eased off let off went off

. N5. Marcus lay awake listening to the rain ____________ on the roof

 beating down hitting down bashing down

. N6. Take your umbrella in case you get ____________ in the rain

 caught stopped trapped

: Answers

light rain / pouring rain / acid rain / eased off / beating down / caught

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