Collocations with point

Collocations with point

Collocations with point

.Choose the appropriate verb from below to complete each sentence

.N1. The parents’ meeting is a chance for you to _______ any points that concern you

.N2. I would be grateful if you could _________ one or two points

.N3. She said she didn’t want to get too involved with him, and I can ________ her point

.N4. In his speech, he ________ some very good points

.N5. Enough has been said and there’s no need to________ the point

N6. Elderly people often feel that they have paid enough tax already, and they ______ a point

.N7. I said they were the best team, and they have_______ my point today

.N8. There is an interesting story which ________ this point


: Answers

raise / clarify / see / made / labour / have / proved / illustrate

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