Collocations with plan

Collocations with plan

Collocations with plan

Choose the appropriate verb from below to complete each sentence

abandon       keep to      unveil       outline      make       come up with       carry out       approve

.N1. A further problem arose, and we had to _________ a plan quickly

.N2. When the situation changed, it became impossible to ________ the plan

.N3. The US administration has ______ plans for new energy legislation

.N4. It’s a good idea to _______ your summer holiday plans as well in advance

.N5. We were thinking of going to live in France, but now we’ve _________ the plan

.N6. Three hours should have been long enough for the robbers to __________ their plan

.N7. All plans have to be ____________ by a majority of the committee

.N8. The leaflet __________ the plans for making the town a safer and better place


: Answers

Come up with / keep to / unveiled / make / abandoned / carry out / approved / outlines

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