Collocations with pain

Collocations with pain

Collocations with pain

Choose the words that best fit each definition

Sharp pain     nagging pain     excruciating pain     dull pain     terrible pain  chronic pain    shooting pain

N1. a slight but continuous pain

N2. a short but severe pain

N3. a pain that gets stronger and then weaker, in a steady continuous beat

N4. pain that you suffer for long periods of time

N5. very severe pain

N6. a pain that you feel all the time

N7. another word for bad pain

N8. a severe pain that goes from one part of your body to another


: Answers

N1. Dull pain N2. Sharp pain N3. Throbbing pain N4. Chronic pain N5. excruciating pain N6. Nagging pain N7. Terrible pain N8. Shooting pain

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