Collocations with meal

Collocations with meal

Collocations with meal

? Which collocation is being described

Heavy meal       delicious meal       midday meal       balanced meal       light meal    full meal       decent meal      main meal

. N1. a meal without a lot of food

. N2. a meal that you eat in the middle of the day

. N3. a meal with enough good food to satisfy you

. N4. a meal with some of each type of food, to keep you healthy

. N5. a meal with a lot of rich food

. N6. a complete meal, with more than one course

. N7. a meal that you really enjoy

. N8. the biggest and most important meal in your day


: Answers

N1.light meal N2.midday meal N3.decent meal N4.balanced meal N5.heavy meal N6.full meal N7.delicious meal N8.main meal

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