Collocations with loyalty

Collocations with loyalty

Collocations with loyalty

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

? N1. loyalty that does not change

unswerving loyalty unmoving loyalty changeless loyalty

? N2. loyalty that goes to only one person or group

unshared loyalty undivided loyalty unbroken loyalty

? N3. loyalty to a person or group without considering whether they are right

blind loyalty unseeing loyalty sightless loyalty

? Which word best completes the sentence

. N4. As a leader, he was able to _________ extraordinary loyalty

create inspire draw

. N5. I’d worked there for ten years and I ____________ some loyalty to the company

knew felt owned


: Answers

N1. Unswerving loyalty N2. Undivided loyalty N3. Blind loyalty N4. inspire N5. felt

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