Collocations with job


Collocations with job

Choose the appropriate verb from below to complete each sentence

Land     lose     apply for     take     leave     hold down     find     offer

. N1. I __________ my job because it was so badly paid

. N2. You may have to __________ a lot of jobs before you get one

. N3. It often takes at least six months for graduates to __________ jobs

. N4. Rob’s always late and I’m amazed that he doesn’t __________ his jobs

! N5. I couldn’t believe it when they __________ me the job

. N6. Because of his alcohol problem, Dad could never __________ a job

. N7. To everyone’s surprise, she __________ a brilliant job in New York

. N8. The job sounded quite interesting, so I decided to __________ it


: Answers

N1. left
N2. apply for
N3. find
N4. lose
N5. offered
N6. hold down
N7. landed
N8. take

Collocations with job
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