Collocations with issue

Collocations with issue

Collocations with issue

Choose a verb from the following list to complete each sentence appropriately. Type the verb in the correct form in the gap

highlight     cloud     face     avoid     raise     tackle     arise

N1. The commission is just beginning to __________ the issue of underachievement in schools

. N2. I regret not __________ the issue at the last meeting

. N3. The report __________ the main environmental issues

. N4. Important social and economic issues may __________ in relation to this

. N5. There are several misunderstandings that are __________ the issue

. N6. Every time I try to talk to him, he just __________ the issue

. N7. Tropical countries __________ even more complex issues


: Answers

N1. tackle N2. raising N3. highlights N4. arise N5. clouding N6. avoids N7. face

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