Collocations with hope


Collocations with hope

Choose the appropriate verb from below to complete each sentence

abandon / get / offer / have / shatter / lie / raise / fade

N1. Two brilliant first-half goals __________ the other team’s hopes

N2. New diets __________ hope to people who struggle to lose weight

N3. By four in the morning, I’d __________ hope of getting back to sleep

N4. The latest figures are very positive, which has __________ people’s hopes of an economic recovery

N5. Britain __________ hopes of winning 50 medals in the next Olympics

N6. Time passed and hope __________ for an early release of the hostages

N7. I vowed not to __________ my hopes up, so I wouldn’t be disappointed again

N8. It was clear that our only hope __________ in escape


: Answers

N1. Shattered
N2. Offer
N3. Abandoned
N4. Raised
N5. Has
N6. Faded
N7. Get
N8. Lay

Collocations with hope
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