Collocations with group


Collocations with group

N1. A group that has broken away from another political or religious group: a __________ group

N2. A group that tries to make the government do something: a __________ group

N3. All the people who belong to a particular race or nation: an __________ group

N4. A group of people of a different race, religion etc from most other people in a country: a __________ group

N5. A group that tries to stop something from happening or being done: a__________ group

N6. All the people of the same age, social group etc as you : your __________ group

N7. All the people who earn a similar amount of money: an __________ group

: N8. A group in which everyone knows each other well and gives each other support
A __________ group


: Answers

N1. Splinter
N2. Pressure
N3. Ethnic
N4. Minority
N5. Protest
N6. Peer
N7. Income
N8. Close knit

Collocations with group
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