Collocations with flight

Collocations with flight

Collocations with flight

Choose the appropriate answer

: Which of the following is a common collocation that describes

N1. a flight within a country an inside flight a domestic flight an interior flight

N2. a flight travelling a long distance a distance flight a long-haul flight a long-way flight

N3. a plane service that flies at the same time every day or week A specified flight A timetabled flight A scheduled flight

Which word best completes the sentence

N4. Our plane was late leaving Heathrow, so we missed the __________ flight from Kuwait to Muscat connection connective connecting

N5. His phone rang just as he was__________ a flight to New York boarding departing embarking


: Answers

N1. A domestic flight N2. Long-haul flight N3. A scheduled flight N4. connecting N5. boarding

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