Collocations with feature


Collocations with feature

N1. A feature that makes something different from others of the same type: a __________ feature

N2. A feature which only one thing has: a __________ feature

N3. A feature that you find in many places: a __________ feature

N4. A feature that makes something acceptable: a __________ feature

N5. A feature that you think is nice: an __________ feature

N6. A very important or necessary feature: a __________ feature

N7. A feature that is usual, so that people expect it : a __________ feature

N8. An unusual and interesting feature: a __________ feature


: Answers

N1. Distinguishing
N2. Unique
N3. Common
N4. Redeeming
N5. Attractive
N6. key
N7. Standard
N8. striking

Collocations with feature
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