Collocations with emotion

Collocations with emotion

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word

overcome – hint- conflicting- pent up – overwhelming- painful

N1. To feel an emotion so strongly that you cannot behave normally: be _______with emotion

N2. An emotion that has a very strong effect on someone : a _______ emotion

N3. A bad emotion such as anger, fear, or hate : a_________ emotion

N4. A mixture of very different feelings: ________ emotions

N5. A very strong emotion that you feel suddenly : an _________ emotion

N6. A very small sign that someone feels an emotion: a_________ emotion

N7. Emotions that someone feels but does not express: ___________ emotions


: Answers

N2. powerful
N3. negative
N4. conflicting
N5. overwhelming
N6. hint
N7. painful
N8. pent up

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