1 – Collocations with Achievement

1 Collocations with Achievement

1 – Collocations with Achievement


thing done successfully



,amazing, considerable (especially BrE), extraordinary, fine, great, important – impressive, major, monumental, no mean (especially BrE), notable, outstanding, real, remarkable, significant, tremendous

.It’s a monumental achievement for such a young athlete

.This was no mean achievement for the government

rare –

unique –

positive –

crowning, main, supreme –

.He regarded that victory as the crowning achievement of his career

lasting –

personal –

(math, mathematics, reading (all AmE –

low reading achievement in children

,artistic, athletic (especially AmE), cultural, economic, educational – engineering, literary, scientific, sporting (especially BrE), technical, technological

.Rutherford was knighted in recognition of his scientific achievements

.The Olympics are all about celebrating sporting achievements



be, constitute, represent –

.This conference in itself represents a solid achievement

celebrate, honour/honor, recognize –

.This award honours/honors the achievements of American women in medicine



achievement in –

.She was given a prize for her achievements in textile design



quite an achievement –

.To be offered this job is quite an achievement

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