Collocations with Accent

Collocations with Accent

Collocations with Accent


(Accent  (noun


broad (especially BrE), heavy, marked, pronounced, strong, thick –

.She had a pronounced Southern accent

slight – (country, foreign, local, regional (especially BrE –

American, British (AmE), English, French, etc –

.northern, southern, etc –

( middle-class (BrE –

cut-glass (BrE), posh (BrE), public-school (BrE), RP –

.He spoke with a cut-glass English accent



have, speak in, speak with –

(acquire (especially BrE –

adopt, affect, assume, put on –

.She put on a Southern accent when she answered the phone

fake, imitate, mimic –

cultivate –

drop, lose –

.He lost his accent after moving to the capital

place –

.Where are you from? I can’t place your accent



hint, trace –

.Her French was excellent, without a trace of an accent



in an accent –

.She spoke in a strong Jamaican accent

with an accent, without an accent –

.a tall man with a Canadian accent

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