Collocations with absence

Collocations with absence

Collocations with absence

absence fact of not being present


extended, lengthy, long, prolonged – brief, temporary –  frequent – (excused (AmE – unauthorized, unexplained –


 have –

.Your son has had too many absences from school

notice –

.Nobody had noticed her absence

explain –


 (during sb’s absence, in sb’s absence (= while sb is not there –

.My father did all the cooking in my mother’s absence

absence from –

absence from work


(conspicuous by your absence, notable by your absence (especially BrE –

When it came to clearing up after the party, Anne was conspicuous by her absence = very obviously absent when she should have been present

( leave of absence (= permission to be absent –

.He asked for leave of absence from his job

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