Collocations in Use – Part 93


 Collocations in Use – Part 93

.Replace the underlined words with their opposites to form collocations from the box

.N1. The nearby echo of gunfire could be heard across the valley
.N2. The intermittent noise of the planes kept me awake all night
‘.N3. In a loud whisper she said, ‘You look wonderful tonight
.N4. I heard a sharp thud as the men dropped the heavy box on the floor above me
.N5. There was a joyful hush in the room as General Wilkins broke the news
.N6. Suddenly there was a murmur of thunder and it started to rain heavily



N1. distant
(N2. incessant (also constant
(N3. soft (also quiet
N4. dull
N5. deathly
N6. clap


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