Collocations in Use – Part 89

Collocations in Use Part 89

 Collocations in Use – Part 89

over the course of time / foreseeable future / a bygone era / not-so-distant future / go down in history / a decade has elapsed

N1. It’s ten years Since the agreement was signed. ELAPSE N2. I can’t see any great changes happening in the future as far as we can imagine. FORESEE N3. Machines from an era, which has long passed, are theme of the exhibition at the city museum. GO BY N4. The event will be remembered in history as the nation’s worst tragedy. DOWN N5. Everything changes as time passes. COURSE N6. In the fairly near future we can expect to be able to travel to other planets. DISTANT



N1. A decade has elapsed N2. foreseeable future N3. a bygone era N4. go down in history N5. over the course of time N6. not-so-distant future

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