Collocations in Use – Part 72


 Collocations in Use – Part 72

.Cross out the word in each set which does not form a normal collocation

N1. live / lead / go / have a comfortable life
N2. a firm / familiar / pleasant / stable environment
N3. feel / look / talk / show your age
N4. go through a crisis / stage / divorce / problem
N5. undivided / perfect / careful / close attention
N6. share / wake up / rekindle / stir up memories
N7. have adventures / a baby / visitors / an increase
N8. sentimental / sensitive / practical / outstanding value



:The collocations that are impossible (or at least very unlikely) are

N1. go
N2. firm
N3. talk
N4. problem
N5. perfect
N6. wake up
N7. an increase
N8. sensitive


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