Collocations in Use – Part 71


 Collocations in Use – Part 71

: Explain the difference between

.N1. leaving home and leaving the house
.N2. a hazy memory and a distinct memory
.N3. a grumpy old man and a dear old man
.N4. an occasional twinge and a sudden twinge
.N5. become a habit and develop a habit
.N6. fall into a pattern and fit into a pattern



N1. Leaving home means going to live in another place, and leaving the house is what you do when you go out of your front door every day
.N2. A hazy memory is vague, not clear or distinct, and a distinct memory is very clear
N3. A grumpy old man is one who is bad-tempered and complains a lot, and a dear old man is one who is kind and good-natured
N4. An occasional twinge is a pain that happens from time to time, and a sudden twinge is a pain that happens unexpectedly
.N5. Something becomes a habit but a person develops a habit
N6. If you fall into a pattern, that pattern gradually develops, whereas if you fit into a pattern, the pattern has already been established by someone else and you adapt to it


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