Collocations in Use – Part 67

Collocations in Use Part 67

 Collocations in Use – Part 67

.Choose the correct collocation

.N1. I was contacted by a childish/childhood/childlike friend I hadn’t seen for years .N2. I am sure that my friendship with Louisa will pass/sit/stand the test of time .N3. Foraging/Forcing/Forging good relationships helps us live longer .N4. Mason was a long-life/lifelong/lifelike friend of my father’s .N5. She has quite a wide circle/circulation/cycle of friends N6. It’s hard to form life-term/long-time/long-term relationships when you’re in a job that involves a lot of travelling



N1. childhood N2. stand N3. Forging N4. lifelong N5. circle N6. long-term

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