Collocations in Use – Part 62


 Collocations in Use – Part 62

.Match each question with its answer

?N1. Is the man still in a coma
?N2. What did Pat’s grandfather die of
?N3. How did Tim’s uncle respond to treatment
?N4. Why did Sam have to stay in hospital
?N5. Your little boy has a runny nose, hasn’t he
?N6. What sort of medical condition has he got
?N7. What cured Meg’s brother
?N8. Why does Tony look so worried
?N9. How does Joe plan to build up his strength
?N10. Is the patient recovering yet

a. He had to have an operation
b. A massive heart attack
c. A rare but not incurable disease
d. His friend is critically ill
e. Yes, he’s had a streaming cold since Sunday
f. A course of medication
g. By doing some gentle exercise
h. He initially had some adverse reactions
i. He’s still fighting for his life
j. He came out of it this morning



j /b /h /a /e /c /f /d /g /i


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