Collocations in Use – Part 38

Collocations in Use Part 38

 Collocations in Use – Part 38

.Choose the correct collocation

N1. I’m finding it hard to summon up / acquire / reach the energy to do anything much in the evenings these days ?N2. Have you ever tried any formidable / fever / extreme sports N3. I didn’t realise how difficult the marathon would be when I originally took / had / got up the challenge .N4. I don’t think I could ever acquire / educate / achieve a taste for bungee jumping !N5. I’d rise / jump / take at the chance of a trip to Venice if I were offered one N6. It won’t take you long to get the balance / taste / hang of cross-country skiing as you’re such an experienced downhill skier



N1. summon up N2. extreme N3. took N4. acquire N5. jump N6. hang

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