Collocations in Use – Part 33


 Collocations in Use – Part 33

.Answer these questions about weddings

?N1. Does get hitched mean get (a) engaged (b) married (c) divorced
?N2. What kind of happiness do married couples hope for
?N3. What do the bride and bridegroom ‘tie’ when they get married
?N4. What is the difference between making toast and making a toast
?N5. What phrase means the nervousness people feel before they get married
?N6. What formal expression is used in the marriage ceremony meaning to marry
?N7. Why do people raise their glasses
?N8. Are the two expressions referred to in questions 1 and 3 formal or informal



N1. (b) married
N2. wedded bliss
N3. the knot
N4. Toast used uncountably means bread made brown and crisp by heating it. Making a toast (countable) means offering an expression of good wishes or respect for someone which involves holding up and then drinking from a glass after a short speech
(N5. pre-wedding nerves ( one can also say pre-wedding jitters
N6. be joined in matrimony
N7. to make a toast I to toast someone
N8. informal


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