Collocations in Use – Part 18


 Collocations in Use – Part 18

.Choose the correct collocation

.N1. This shop gives very good worth / cost / value for money
.N2. Every business wants satisfactory / satisfied / satisfying customers
N3. He is an economist who believes in the advantages of healthy / rich / fertile competition
N4. Service doesn’t have to be next-day but it should be reasonably punctual / prompt / present
.N5. I hate it when you phone a company and get put on hole / hang / hold for ages
.N6. Dan kicked up a terrible fuss / foot / fever about the service we received
.N7. The hotel manager dealt / handled / honoured our complaint very efficiently
N8. We can’t sell our old sofa because it doesn’t perform / inform / conform to modern safety regulations
.N9. I would prefer not to take my custom somewhere / anywhere/I elsewhere
.N10. The service at the hair salon did not run / come / do up to standard



N1. value
N2. satisfied
N3. healthy
N4. prompt
N5. hold
N6. fuss
N7. handled
N8. conform
N9. elsewhere
N10. come


Collocations in Use – Part 18
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