Collocations in Use – Part 17

Collocations in Use Part 17

 Collocations in Use – Part 17

?Are these sentences true or false

N1. A business executive will feel worried if the company experiences a decline in demand for its products .N2. A business CEO is pleased if the company does not meet its quarterly sales targets N3. A hike in the price of raw materials is likely to present a difficult challenge for a business that uses those materials .N4. Marketing and sales staff will promote their products’ unique selling points .N5. Business managers are likely to be happy about calling in the receivers .N6. A company is likely to feel more secure if it has narrow profit margins



N1. True .N2. False. A company wants to meet its targets N3. True N4. True .N5. False. A company has failed if it has to call in the receivers .N6. False. A company will feel more secure with wider profit margins

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