Collocations in Use – Part 100

Collocations in Use Part 100

 Collocations in Use – Part 100

. (Match each question (N1 – N6) with its response (a – f

?N1. Is Roy enjoying the challenge of his new post ?N2. What can I do to minimize the risk of falling ill ?N3. What made them decide to postpone the match ?N4. What happened after the earthquake ?N5. How can we address the climate change problem ?N6. What was the hardest hurdle to overcome in your job

.a. By reducing our carbon footprint .b. Widespread looting .c. Eat healthily .d. He’s relishing it .e. Gender stereotyping, probably .f. Adverse weather conditions



N1. d N2. c N3. f N4. b N5. a N6. e

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