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?Radio interviewer: Professor Bevan, how important is motivation for a manager

Professor Bevan: Oh motivation is extremely important. I’d say it’s the most important aspect of a manager’s job. A manager’s job is to get the job done … whatever that job might be. So a manager has to motivate the workers …. as a team and also on an individual basis. Without motivation the job just won’t get done

.Radio interviewer: So how do managers go about doing this? It doesn’t sound very easy

Professor Bevan: No, it is a complicated issue. But managers have special tools. They are trained to use them to boost motivation and increase production to a maximum

?Radio interviewer: Tools

Professor Bevan: Yes, tools like …. praise …. approval and …. recognition. And then there is trust ……….. and expectation. They are all important for workers

?Radio interviewer: And money? What about money

Professor Bevan: Yes, money is a factor but you might be surprised to learn that it comes out last on the list of these tools that we are talking about

Radio interviewer: So, what comes before money? What sort of things are more important for workers

Professor Bevan: Well … all of the things that I have already mentioned, and then ………. job enrichment and good communication between the workers and the bosses

Radio interviewer: And have you got any examples of real life situations to back up your claims

Professor Bevan: One good example is the firm Western Electric. When managers started taking an interest in their workers there was a huge increase in production. They started to talk to the workers and encouraged them to get involved in decision making. Workers began to feel that their contributions were important. And it paid off

?Radio interviewer: Productivity increased

Professor Bevan: Yes, hugely. The Swedish company Kochums is another example. The company was on the verge of collapse when managers decided to try a change in motivation practice

?Radio interviewer: What did they do

Professor Bevan: Well, basically it was a change in attitude towards their workers. Managers decided to stop giving orders and to try persuading them instead

?Radio interviewer: And it worked

Professor Bevan: Absolutely. In just ten years they managed to turn a 15 million dollar loss into a 100 million dollar profit

Radio interviewer: So, let’s get this straight …. are you saying that workers are not interested in earning more money

Professor Bevan: I’m saying they’re not just interested in money. It is important of course. We need to enjoy a certain standard of living. But, as I mentioned before, there are other things that are just as important; …. praise, approval, recognition, trust and expectation, job enrichment and good communication


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