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Radio presenter: Now, in case any of you had forgotten, Liverpool was named Capital of Culture 2008 about eighteen months ago, and we thought it would be a good idea to get the latest thoughts on the subject from you the inhabitants of this fair city …so I was out and about in the centre earlier today and this is what people had to say

Passerby 1: Capital of Culture…moving up in the world at last aren’t we… Great for the local economy, what with all the extra visitors… ‘Liverpool, tourist centre of the North’- Well why not? I’ll think I’ll open up a hotel meself (laughs). Mind you, I’ve got a friend who’s having real trouble now that property prices are going mad. She moved up from the Midlands cos she thought she’d get somewhere cheaper here, and now

Radio presenter: And you, sir, what do you think about Liverpool being Capital of Culture

Passerby 2: I think it’s brilliant. I mean we’ve already got quite a few festivals over the summer, down by the docks and that…so now we can have a whole year of it and really go for it! I’ll be dancing in the streets anyway

Radio presenter: And can I ask you, what line of work you’re in

Passerby 2: I’m in the film business, actually, and we’ve got £6m from the government to build up the industry, so I think this will really put the city on the map worldwide. It could turn us into a sort of mini Hollywood

Radio presenter: Do you know what’s happening in Liverpool in 2008

Passerby 3: Oh yes, I work on the council and we’ve been involved in this for the last three years. The fact that we beat somewhere like Newcastle who looked like they had a much better bid

Radio presenter: It’ll mean quite a few changes to the centre, of course

Passerby 3: I’m sure we’re going to get a few complaints from people about the building work. The plan is to bring back the trams and change all the buses over. But it’ll be good when it’s finished. I think the atmosphere here has changed already. There’s a real buzz about the place. It’s the old Mersey spirit you see…never say die

Radio presenter: So listeners, what do you think? We want to hear your views after the news at twelve o’clock, and if you want to ask questions about the events being planned for 2008 we’ll be having one of the organisers with us in the studio. You can also send us an email right now at this address


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