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British Council-Learner contracts



Transcript of the podcast

Teacher: OK. So have you got a piece of paper and a pen? You’ll need to take lots of notes before typing up your final learner contract

Student: Yes

Teacher: Right, I want to explain a few things to you first before you decide what your objectives are for the course. Then we’ll check the contract to make sure the deadlines you’ve set for achieving your objectives are realistic. Don’t forget to bring it in each week as we’ll use it at the beginning of each lesson to help us decide what to concentrate on, and then at the end so you can choose what homework you want to do

Student: It sounds like lots of work to me

Teacher: Yes, well it is in the beginning because you probably aren’t used to being so responsible for your own learning. But you’ll see after a few of lessons that you’ll be much more motivated because you’ll see that what we do in class is relevant to your own needs. Haven’t you ever thought that your teacher was teaching you something only because it’s in the textbook

Student: Yes, that’s true. I was only interested in half the things we learnt last year

Teacher: Well maybe you’ll be more interested this year when you understand why you are doing something and how it’s relevant to what you want to learn

Student: Maybe! So what exactly do I write on my learner contract

Teacher: Well it depends first on your level. It’s no good a beginner student saying he wants to be bilingual at the end of a three week course! What would you say your level of English is? Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced

Student: I don’t know! I’m not a teacher

Teacher: I know that but just think a little about how much you know already. Do you think you could bebilingual by the end of the semester

Student: No

Teacher: OK then. So think again about your level

Student: I’m maybe an intermediate

Teacher: Yes, I think you’re right. You’re also a business student so you could concentrate your objectives around gaining confidence talking on the telephone with a nonnative speaker, or learning formula used in professional emails for example

Student: OK. I can use those as my first two objectives

Teacher: Yes but are they really what you want and need to work on

Student: Yes, my internship next semester is with a Spanish/French company but they all speak in English

Teacher: Right well that’s a good start then. How quickly do you think you can learn how to write emails

Student: Well, I could do that for next week

Teacher: Really! How much time can you study English this week

Student: Well, only an hour because I’ve got an essay to write for my management class

Teacher: In that case I think you should be much more realistic with your target deadlines. Have a think about how much study time you have each week first


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British Council-Learner contracts
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