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Transcript of the podcast

Presenter: We’re here to talk about the complicated question of globalisation. I have two guests – Elisabetta Deliberti from the Forum for a Fairer World

ED: Hello

P: Hello, and Albert Lloyd from the International Banking Federation

AL: Hello. Thank you for inviting me

P: Thank you for coming, Mr. Lloyd. Ms. Deliberti

ED: Elisabetta, please

P: Elisabetta, if I can start with you – I think it’s fair to say that you are one of the anti-globalisation protesters

ED: Well, yes and no. Please don’t mistake me for someone who wears a black face mask and throws stones at police officers! I’d like to make it clear that me, and my organisation, have no association with those people

P: Of course

ED: …though I may say, I do share some of their objections

P: Such as

ED: Well, to put it basically, we believe that globalisation may be a great ideal, but the practice is very different

AL: So you admit that globalisation can be a good thing

ED: …it could be – I believe strongly in free movement, and free trade – as long as there is a level playing field

P: Could you explain quite what you mean by that

ED: Yes…quite simply, if there are equal opportunities for all

AL: Well, of course, we believe the same thing, and we believe that there are equal opportunities – that’s the beauty of the free market

ED: I’m afraid it isn’t that simple, Mr. Lloyd. Ask people making products for rich westerners, working for low wages…do they have the same opportunities as a rich banker

P: A good point…Mr. Lloyd

AL: Of course they have the same opportunities…they can save their money, and invest in one of the new opportunities that are opening up to them as a result of globalisation

P: So globalisation makes everyone equal – opens up a level playing field

ED: I don’t deny that new possibilities may open up, especially given the dynamic role of the internet, but, again, it’s not that simple. The global capitalists won’t let anyone join them…they are happy to move money from country to country, but restrict the right of people to move

AL: Free movement of human resources would be impossible to police…illegal immigrants everywhere

P: So you’re not in favour of all aspects of globalisation, then

AL: As I said, I’m in favour of the free market. It’s people like Elisabetta here who want to restrict things

ED: I’m not in favour of restricting anything or anyone. I just want the world’s wealth to be shared more evenly

AL: …and I think that globalisation is the best way of doing that

P: Well, it seems there is something you can agree on….Thank you, Albert Lloyd, Elisabetta Deliberti

AL/ED: Thank you


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