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Transcript of the podcast

Trisha: Well. Glyn you’re been called the first male supermodel. Would you agree with that

Glyn: Not really Trisha, to be honest, I think having a famous designer as a wife helps up my profile, and there are one or two other male models who are household names

Trisha: Was that how you got into the fashion world? I mean through your wife’s contacts

Glyn: Yes and no. I was working as a catwalk model when I met Regina here in Milan – she was showing her latest collection – and I had already done bits and bobs of catalogue stuff, but it wasn’t until we got it together that I started appearing in fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair

Trisha: So it has helped then

Glyn: Definitely. There are so many guys out there, which makes it pretty competitive. Before Regina, I really had to work at it – I was constantly sending out portfolios to agencies and doing auditions

Trisha: And now

Glyn: It’s a lot different. I can pick and choose more or less

Trisha: So, if you don’t like the look of a new collection then you pass

Glyn: No, it’s not like that. I think a professional can model anything – whatever the colour, pattern or cut. It’s the type of work that decides it for me

Trisha: What do you mean

Glyn: I don’t do show seasons anymore. I’ve been sticking almost exclusively to print work

Trisha: And I hear you are planning a career change

Glyn: Yes, yes it’s true. Regina and I are setting up our own agency so if you fancy a job as a scout, Trisha, just let me know

Trisha: It’s a competitive business

Glyn: Yes, we know. But we’re going to be a bit different in terms of what type of model we’re looking for

Trisha: In what way

Glyn: We’re trying to get away from the stereotypical physical characteristics – you know the men have to be between six foot and six two, jacket size 40-42, the women over five-ten and very slim or even skinny – that type of stuff

Trisha: Sounds great, but can shorter models really make it in


He models for catalogues
He does catwalk modelling
He meets his wife
He appears in fashion magazines
He stops doing show seasons
He sets up a model agency
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