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British Council-DJ

British Council-DJ


Transcript of the podcast

Q = radio show host M = DJ

Q: Mahesh, you trained as a classical Indian musician, but now you spend most of your time playing records in nightclubs…they’re two very different things

M: Well, yes, they are…the two worlds are very different, but there is something that connects them

Q: …and what’s that

M: Rhythm. An interest in rhythm. Rhythm is fundamental to everything that I do. Whether it’s the rhythmic section of a classical Indian raga, or some “Asian Underground” electronic beats in a club

Q: And you mix the two things, don’t you

M: Yes…I’ve played live tabla to electronic accompaniment in clubs in Europe

Q: How has that gone down

M: Really well…I think people are getting bored of ordinary clubs and faceless DJs. Some live music is a great addition

Q: And have you tried dj-ing for a classical Indian audience on the other hand

M: No! I’m not quite sure the world’s ready for that yet…still, it’s an interesting idea

Q: How are audiences for your music different in India and in Europe

M: Well, the classical audiences are far more sedate in Europe than in India

Q: How do you mean

M: Well, in the West people think they have to respect the music, and to show their respect they all sit there very quietly, as if they are at a museum or something

Q: And in India

M: People participate much more …they’ll clap when they appreciate something…and shout when they don’t

Q: Finally Mahesh, what does the future hold for you

M: A new record in the autumn, then next year I’m looking forward to a new collaboration with some Latin American musicians…I’m always looking for new frontiers


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