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British Council-Change Management

British Council-Change Management


Transcript of the podcast

Bob: Hi Sue, how are things

Sue: Fine, yeah

B: OK, now, about the change in your work routine, you’re going to work Saturdays from next month

S: Yes, but why should I have to work on Saturdays .. no-one’s told me why this is necessary

B: I’m sorry, this should have been explained to you. We get a lot of people calling now on Saturdays for information about our products – it’s important that we answer these questions. Is that OK? Any more questions

S: No, OK

B: Great, well how’s your course coming along? You’re learning how to make websites

S: The course is great, it’s not that difficult, I’m helping my son make a website at home, it’s fun

B: Great, you’ll be able to work on our site soon then

S: Sure, what’s happening in the other departments, is someone there working on Saturdays too

B: I’m afraid I can’t tell you that at the moment, because they’re different departments I can’t say really

S: Hmmm… Are there any other courses I can take after the website designer course finishes

B: There are one or two that could be useful – let’s talk again about this once you’ve finished the web course

S: OK .. You know Bob, I’d like to ask you something, it’s good that you take the time to talk to me about my work and things but don’t you think it’s be a good idea to talk things through together, you know have a meeting with everyone in our department, see what everybody thinks – all together … if we talk things through together I think we could come up with some great ideas on how to improve things here

B: I agree Sue, it would be good for everyone to meet together, especially now that we’ve got so many changes coming along. You know the problem is that we haven’t got a room big enough for us all to meet together

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