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British Council-The future of Europe



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Presenter: Welcome to Liverpool in the northwest of England and this week’s ‘Youth in Europe’ discussion coming from John Moors University in the heart of the city. Liverpool grew wealthy thanks to imperial commerce, with the end of the British Empire in the post war years the city entered a long period of economic decline. Recently the city has started to grow again economically. Last year Liverpool was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2008. I’m Liz Hope and I’ll be finding out what young people in Liverpool think of the European Union and the European Constitution. Pete, do you think the EU has helped Liverpool

Pete: I think so. A lot of the developments in the city have been paid for from EU urban regeneration funds. Albert Dock, the original port area, has been re-developed, there’s the National Maritime Museum, the Tate Art Gallery and the Beatles Museum, that’s my favourite, anyway they’re all there and a lot of Liverpudlians and visitors from outside the city go there, it’s great ….. before there was just nothing there

Presenter: Ok, so you think the EU has been good to Liverpool

Pete: Yeah, I’d say so

Presenter: What about the European Constitution

Pete: Well, to be honest I don’t know much about it, I know last year they voted against it in France and Belgium – was it Belgium

Presenter: the Netherlands

Pete: Yes, that’s it, the Netherlands. Well, what does it change anyway, the Constitution? I mean we’re in the EU now aren’t we, I can’t see it making much difference to things

Presenter: OK, thanks Pete. Jacqui what does the EU mean to you

Jacqui: Well not a lot really .. Like Pete says I like going to the Albert Dock and the Year of Culture should be good for the city and fun too, I hope

Presenter: And the Constitution

Jacqui: To be honest it means nothing to me at all. I know absolutely nothing about it. How are you supposed to find out about it? How can it affect my life here? I just want to get a job when I finish my course next year

Presenter: So you’re not interested in what Europe’s going to be like in the future

Jacqui: A bit, I suppose. If it’s successful I guess that might make it easier to get a job – what do we need a constitution for? I mean the whole EU is working now without one isn’t it


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British Council-The future of Europe
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