Afarinesh Strategies – Part 92 –  Writing Task2 – Part 21

Afarinesh Strategies Part 92 Writing Task2 Part 21

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات 

5 – Writing Conclusion

قوانین و ساختارهای گرامری برای رایتینگ تسک  2 (نتیجه گیری)

Summarize Your Opinion

استراتژی در قسمت نتیجه گیری باید به خواننده نظر شما و ایده های اصلی یادآوری شوند.

Remember to paraphrase yourself. Do not repeat the same words. You must show you can use a variety of words and syntax

آنچه نوشتید را پارافریز کنید و از دایره لغات وسیع استفاده کنید.

Read each introduction and the conclusions that follow. Which conclusion rephrases the ideas presented in the introduction? Circle the correct letter



There are several reasons why families opt to have their older family members live in special homes. I think, however, elderly relatives should stay living with their family whenever possible. It may be difficult for families to find time and energy to care for their elderly relatives, but it is the kinder thing to do, and it is also more economical


A. Families may have good reasons for choosing to have their elderly relatives live in special homes. Despite this, I feel that it is kinder, as well as cheaper, for families to care for their elderly relatives themselves B. Families should research homes for the elderly carefully before choosing one. It costs a lot of money to live in one of these special homes so you want to make sure your relative gets good services C. Families are not always able to care for their elderly relatives at home. People have jobs and children to take care of. In addition, there may not be extra room in the house




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