Afarinesh Strategies – Part 53 – Academic Writing Task1 – Part 2

Afarinesh Strategies Part 53 Academic Writing Task1 Part 2

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writing Summarize the Information

Look at the following charts, graphs, or tables and read the first sentence of the Task. Which statement pro­vides a specific description of the task? Choose the description that most closely matches the chart and that adds more information about the phrase in italics. The first exercise is done for you as a model

Ask yourself: What? What kind of computers? What about the number of computers sold? Are they increasing? Are they decreasing

A. The graph shows increases in sales of laptop and tablet computers over a four-year period

.B. The graph gives information about computer sales at the XYZ Company

.C. The graph shows computer sales over time


Statement A is a good opening statement. It provides a complete description and it gives specific information about what the graph shows about computer sales. Computer sales are increasing. Statement B is not a good opening statement. It repeats the task exactly ‘as written. Statement C is incomplete. It includes important information, but it doesn’t mention what the graph tells us about computer sales


.A. The charts show where people lived in 1915 and 2015

B. The charts show how the distribution of the rural, urban, and suburban population in the northern

.region has changed in the past century

C. The charts show that the population of the northern region lives in rural, urban, and suburban areas


A. The graph shows the price of milk at different times

B. The graph compares the average price of a gallon of milk in the first six months of 2015 and 2016

C. The graph shows how much people had to pay for milk recently


A. The table shows the percentage of traffic accidents caused by drivers in different age groups

.B. The table shows that people of different ages cause traffic accidents

.C. The table shows how old different drivers are when they have accidents

: Answers

B /B /A

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