Afarinesh Strategies – Part 46 – Listening – Part 11

IELTS Strategies

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

LISTENING Classify Words or Statements



دسته بندی ها را بخوانید و سعی کنید بین هر دسته و لغت قبل از شنیدن فایل صوتی ارتباطی پیدا کنید . اما بیاد داشته باشید از صحبت هر کدام از افراد در فایل صوتی نت برداری کنید. ممکن است هر دسته بیش از یکبار استفاده شود.

Draw lines between the categories and the words. Then listen to the audio and see if your assumptions were correct

Talk 1

?Which features are characteristic of which type of wetland

.Choose the correct letter


A. Marsh

B. Swamp

C. Bog


 N1. acidic water

 N2. grasses

 N3. shrubs

 N4. mosses

 N5. trees


Talk 2

?Which architectural styles can be described in the following ways

.Choose the correct letter

Architectural Styles

A. Bec River

B. Pucc

C. East Coast


N1. developed in the late classic period

N2. developed in the post classic period

N3. used columns on the entrances

N4. used geometric designs on the walls

N5. used decorative towers


Talk 3

?Which TV watching habits are characteristic of which age group

.Choose the correct letter

Age Groups

A. Teenagers

B. Younger Adults

C. Older Adults


N1. average 3-4 hours of TV daily

N2. average 5-6 hours of TV daily

N3. average 6-7 hours of TV daily

N4. prefer news and information programs

N5. prefer entertainment programs



Talk 1

C /A /B /C /B

Talk 2

A /C /C /B /A


A /B /C /C /B

Afarinesh Strategies – Part 46 – Listening – Part 11
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