Afarinesh Strategies – Part 39 – Listening – Part 4

Afarinesh Strategies Part 39 Listening Part 4

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

LISTENING Choose Answers from a List

    کلمات کلیدی را مشخص کرده و آن ها را به کمک مترادف ها بازنویسی کنید. اگر نت برداری میکنید برای هر شخص یک ستون اختصاص بدهید. به موضوع مکالمه دقت کنید. ممکن است لغاتی که میشنوید با لغات نوشته شده یکی نباشند بلکه معنی مشابه داشته باشند

?Which TWO activities is the guest interested in

Related Words List
swimming, boating, water skiing A. water sports
walks, climbs B. hikes
sew, knit, make, build C. learn crafts
watch birds, animals, bears D. observe wildlife
prepare meals, food E. learn to cook


Circle the key words and write related words for the key words. Then listen to the conversation

.Make notes. Answer the questions


Conversation 1

.Choose TWO letters

?Which TWO activities does the Language Academy offer


A cooking classes

B social gatherings

C movies

D outdoor activities

E book groups


Conversation 2

.Choose TWO letters

?Which TWO things did Amanda do during her homestay


A took trips

B spoke Chinese

C met people

D tried new food

E celebrated a holiday


Conversation 3

.ChooseTWO letters

?Which TWO things will Lee do during the summer


A visit relatives

B study

C relax

D walk in the mountains

E read


Conversation 4

.Choose TWO letters

?Which TWO things are included in the condo fee


A landscaping

B parking garage

C apartment maintenance

D exercise room

E trash removal


Conversation 5

.Choose TWO letters

?Which TWO things does Mary say she likes about her job


A her co-workers

B the manager

C her salary

D the location

E her schedule



Conversation 1

Related Words

A. prepare meals, food

B. parties, clubs, games

C. films, theater

D. sports, hikes, walks

E. novels, stories, read, discussion




Conversation 2

Related Words

A. traveled

B. practiced a language

C. made friends

D. ate, dishes, meals

E. New Year, Independence Day, Christmas




Conversation 3

Related Words

A. family, parents, cousins

B. learn, class, school, university

C. rest

D. hike, camp, climb

E. books, stories, magazines, newspapers




Conversation 4

Related Words

A. cut grass, gardens, bushes

B. car

C. repairs, fix

D. gym, equipment, work out

E. garbage pick up, waste




Conversation 5

Related Words

A. staff, employees

B. boss, director

C. pay, wages

D. place

E. calendar, hours, days



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