Afarinesh Strategies – Part 36 – Multiple Choice – Part 2

IELTS Strategies

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Multiple Choice – Part 2


متن را برای یافتن کلمات کلیدی موجود در سوالات چند گزینه ای اسکن کنید. به محض یافتن کلمه در متن، جمله کاملی که کلمه در آن است را بخوانید. درنظر داشته باشید ممکن است خود کلمه نباشد وو بجای آن مترادف آن کلمه باشد

Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. For each question choose the correct letter, A, B, C, or D

Charles Dickens, a famed British novelist known for his stories depicting the sufferings of the poor in Victorian England  grew up in a family that struggled with poverty throughout his childhood. Dickens  the son of a navy payroll clerk was born in Portsmouth England in 1812. Despite his father’s steady employment, the family struggled financially. Mrs. Dickens, at one point, hoped to alleviate the family’s financial difficulties by setting up a small school, but she was unsuccessful in this endeavor. When Dickens was just twelve years old, his father was imprisoned for debt. As a result, the young Dickens had to leave school and go to work to help support the family. He got a job at a factory that produced blacking, a type of shoe polish .Fortunately, Dickens’ father was soon able to pay off his debts, and Dickens returned to school. However, the family’s financial difficulties continued, and he had to leave school again in order to work. This time he got job as a helper at a newspaper office. Dickens was able to turn this situation to his advantage, and after short while, began working as a reporter at the London law courts. Eventually, Dickens moved from working as a reporter to publishing a magazine, in which he serialized his first novel, Oliver Twist. This story of an orphan boy drew on Dickens’ own childhood struggles to survive the challenges of poverty. The novel was popular in both England and the United States


N1) When Dickens was a boy he)

.A. was put in prison
.B. worked in a factory
.C. planned to join the navy
.D. had a job polishing shoes

N2) As a young man Dickens)

.A. studied law
.B. started his own school
.C. paid off his father’s debts
.D. was employed at a newspaper office

N3) The story of “Oliver Twist” was inspired by)

.A. an orphanage in Dickens’s neighborhood
.B. stories Dickens’s father told him
.C. Dickens’s experiences as a boy
.D. a childhood friend of Dickens





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