Afarinesh Strategies Part 22 – Matching Information

Afarinesh Strategies Part 22 Matching Information

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Matching Information

.The reading passage has four paragraphs, A-D ?Which paragraph contains the following information .Write the correct letter, A-D, in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet .You may use any letter more than once


متن را برای فهمیدن مفهوم کلی آن یک بار بخوانید. سپس هر سوال را خوانده و سعی کنید پاراگراف مربوط به آن سوال را حدس بزنید. کلمات کلیدی سوال را در پاراگرافی که حدس میزنید به سوال مربوط است (میتوانند خود کلمات کلیدی و یا مترادف آنها باشند ) پیدا کنید.


بعضی اوقات ممکن است برای یک پاراگراف بیشتر از یک پاسخ پیدا کنید. در این صورت حتما به توضیحات توجه کنید تا از اینکه آیا میشود یک پاسخ بیشتر از یکبار استفاده شود اطمینان حاصل کنید.


.Read the passage and answer the questions that follow

A With growing concerns about congested roads, air pollution, and petroleum supplies, alternative forms of transportation are receiving increasing attention. People are looking for ways to get around that don’t involve driving alone in a car. Carpooling, walking, and use of public transportation systems such as buses and trains are some of the methods people are using in place of the traditional private car. Studies suggest that bicycle riding, in particular, is a form of transportation that is rising in popularity

B In cities around the world, bicycles are being seen in the street in increasing numbers. While there are a number of reasons for the bicycle’s popularity, this form of transportation has its drawbacks, as well. Bike enthusiasts highlight the fitness aspects, including weight maintenance and strengthening of the heart and immune system, as well as the psychological benefits of mood elevation and stress reduction that regular exercise provides. Enthusiasts also favor the bike over buses and trains because of the freedom it allows them. Rather than making plans around bus or train routes and schedules, bicycles allow riders to go where they want when they want, and because they don’t require paying a fare, they are advantageous to those who need to economize

C When we look at the rising cost of living in modern society, the bicycle clearly comes out a winner. Bicycles are much less expensive to buy and maintain than a private car. And the cost advantage reaches beyond the interest of the individual as bikes cause much less wear and tear on roads, which are maintained with public money. The bicycle does, however, have its detractors, even including those who support the need for alternative forms of transportation. They point out that not everyone can use a bicycle. It is not suitable,for example, for those with health issues, and its ease of use is dependent on the weather as well as on the distances one must travel. Furthermore, the proliferation of bicycles on city streets that are not designed for them gives rise to safety concerns

D Whatever position one may take on the issue, whatever reasons one may cite in favor or against, bicycles are here to stay, and we will be seeing more and more of them in the coming years. There is no question that cities must make room for the bicycle along with other alternative forms of transportation. A good place to start would be with creating bike lanes and off-road bike paths as well as educating the driving public about sharing the road safely with cyclists


Which paragraph contains the following information? You may use any letter more than once

 ……………………  reasons for opposition to bicycles …………………… a comparison of bicycles with public transportation …………………… examples of alternative transportation …………………… the health b enefits of bicycles …………………… the writer’s suggestions for the future …………………… the economic advantages of bicycles


: Answers

C / B / A / B / D / C

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