Afarinesh Strategies Part 19 – Matching Sentence Endings 2

Afarinesh Strategies Part 19 Matching Sentence Endings 2

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

 Matching Sentence Endings 2


در این نوع سوالات همیشه گزینه اضافی برای تطبیق پایان جملات موجود میباشد پس سعی کنید به ابتدای جملات توجه کنید. کلمات کلیدی ابتدای جملات یا مترادف آنان را در متن بیابید و پس از تطبیق ابتدای جمله با یکی از گزینه ها کل جمله را بخوانید.

توجه :

ترتیب ابتدای جملات منطبق بر اطلاعات متن میباشد.


Read the excerpt from a reading passage. Complete each sentence that follows with the correct ending from the box. Write the correct letter next to each sentence


A bog is a type of wetland that gets most of its water from precipitation-rain and snow. This is a source of water that is lacking in the mineral and sediment content of the streams and groundwater that feed other types of wetlands. The result is soil that is low in nutrient content. This, together with the acidity resulting from the peat mosses that cover bogs, creates an environment that is unwelcoming to many life forms

Few species of animals can survive in the unfriendly conditions of a bog. No fish swim its acidic waters, nor will you find mollusks such as snails, mussels, and crabs, which require calcium to live. On the other hand,a variety of insects thrive in bog conditions, as do a number of species of amphibians that live and/or breed in bogs. Other animals, including snakes and mammals such as raccoons and moose, visit bogs to hunt and feed

A few highly-specialized plant species have adapted to the conditions of the bog environment. While the soil in a bog may be nutritionally poor, the environment is rich in insect life. Carnivorous plants take advantage of this situation by turning to insects to meet their nutritional needs. Instead of relying on the poor soil for food, they consume the insects and other small animals that inhabit or visit bogs. These plants have developed a variety of ingenious methods to capture their prey. Strong scents lure an insect to a plant, where it is caught in a sticky substance or trapped in some sort of container from which it can’t escape. Then the plant feeds itself by digesting the insect over the next few days or weeks

.A – the high level of water in the soil .B – feeding on the high number of insects .C – the lack of an important mineral in the water .D – the content of the soil .E – hunting and feeding by other animals .F – the poor soil and acidity of the water

……………. Conditions in a bog are unfavorable to most plant and animal life because of ………………….. Mollusks are absent from bogs because of ………………….. Carnivorous plants are able to survive in bogs because of


: Answers

 F / C / B

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