Afarinesh Strategies – Part 172 – Reading – Part 13

Afarinesh Strategies Part 172 Reading Part 13

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استراتژی کامل کردن جمله در ریدینگ ابتدا تعداد لغات خواسته شده در جای خالی را بررسی کنید. اطلاعات خواسته شده در هر جای خالی را پیش بینی کنید و اینکه توجه کنید چه نوع کلمه ای ( فعل . اسم. صفت و…) در جای مناسب میباشد.


جای خالی را با لغت مناسب پر کنید.

An even longer adjustment was required when the Gregorian calendar was adopted by Japan in 1872, and in the early 20th century by China, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, Greece and Turkey. Many of these countries that were among the last to adopt the Gregorian calendar for civic purposes used the Byzantine calendar, a variant of the Julian calendar, prior to the change. Many people in these same nations continue to use the Eastern Orthodox calendar (also based on the Julian calendar) for religious feasts and festivals. Similarly, in China and Japan, a traditional calendar is still used to select dates for weddings, funerals and new ventures. These last two countries did not exactly delay the move to the Gregorian calendar; rather, they started using it once it became beneficial, due to the more extensive connections with other countries on that calendar

.Russia and other nations continue to use the ………………… calendar for religious purposes


The clues are ‘Russia,’ ‘continue to use the [blank] calendar,’ and ‘religious purposes.’Russia and other countries continue to use the Eastern Orthodox calendar for religious feasts and festivals

.The words ‘Eastern Orthodox‘ should go in the blank

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