Afarinesh Strategies – Part 157 – Listening – Part 43

Afarinesh Strategies Part 157 Listening Part 43

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Listening : Part 43


: Questions

.Choose the correct answer: A, B , C

N1. The earliest Chinese ice cream consisted of .A. milk, flour and ice .B. milk and rice, packed in snow .C. snow and fruit juice

N2. The Roman emperors ate a frozen dessert that is similar to .A. a snow cone .B. sherbet .C. a fruit smoothie

N3. The European version of ice cream was developed over time by .A. mixing in fruits and nuts .B. adding more and more milk .C. replacing the ice with snow

N4. Which claim about the history of ice cream has no basis in historical fact .A. George Washington spent a lot of money on ice cream .B. The Washingtons liked to serve ice cream .C. Martha Washington made ice cream by leaving cream outside overnight



N1. B N2. A N3. B N4. C

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