Afarinesh Strategies – Part 153 – Listening – Part 39

Afarinesh Strategies Part 153 Listening Part 39

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Listening : Topic and Main Idea

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Improve Your Score – Topic and Main Idea

در آخرین بخش لیسنینگ معمولا به قسمتی از یک سخنرانی آکادمیک گوش میدهید. زبان این سخنرانی با زبان بیان مسایل روزمره متفاوت میباشد. جهت آمادگی برای این قسمت به فایل بالا گوش دهید و به سوالات زیر پاسخ دهید.  

: Questions

N1. Listen to the three extracts from different lectures in Track. During each extract, try to make a note of the topic and the main idea of each lecture (Topic: the subject matter of the talk (in Listening) or the passage (in Reading Main idea: the view or claim that the speaker/writer makes about the topic

?N2. How is topic different from main idea

?N3. How can listening for topic and main idea help in the Listening module Take a few moments to check your notes of the topics and main ideas against those in the Answer Key. How did you do



.N1 : First extract Topic: The behavior of lions Main idea: Why the social behavior of lions is different from that of other big cats

: Second extract Topic: Increases in childhood allergies Main idea: Whether the Hygiene Hypothesis explains the rise in childhood allergies

: Third extract Topic: The impact of footwear on how well you run Main idea: Whether people should run barefoot instead of wearing shoes

N2. The topic is more general and it is neutral – the topic does not indicate a view or claim, while the main idea expresses a view/claim

N3. If you listen for the topic and main idea, it can help to keep you focused in a Listening recording that is more challenging. Some lectures may be dry or may involve unusual or unfamiliar content, so listening for the topic and identifying the main idea will help you to pay attention. They will also likely relate to several of the details that you must listen for, so topic and main idea will lead to points in many (if not all) cases

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