Afarinesh Strategies – Part 148 – Listening – Part 34

IELTS Strategies

استراتژی و تکنیکهای سوالات

Listening : Part 34



: Questions

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-H, next to Questions N1-N5

N1. the old pier
N2. Abbey Park
N3. the beach
N4. shops on The Strand
N5. Royal Art Gallery



N1. F
N2. B
we want to put extra lights on the pier
they shoud just shut the park gates at sunset
N3. E
The beach should have the rubbish collected and litter cleared every night – a total overnight cleaning
N4. A
we need to put some baby-changing tables in the toilets at those shops
N5. H
they should abolish the admission charge


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