Afarinesh Strategies – Part 104 –  Writing Task 2 – Part 24

Afarinesh Strategies Part 104 Writing Task 2 Part 24

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24 – Writing Task 2

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In some school systems, children start learning at least one foreign language in primary school. In other school systems, foreign language education begins in secondary school In your opinion, should children learn foreign languages in schools, and if so, at what age should they begin

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

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Some schools make foreign languages part of the primary school curriculum, while others don’t include this until secondary school. From my point of view, primary school is not the right place to begin foreign language study Children of primary school age are still in the process of learning their own language. They still have a lot of vocabulary to learn. They are just beginning to read and write. It would confuse them to have to learn vocabulary and reading and writing in another language at the same time. Children in primary school are too young to understand the reasons for studying other languages. Children of that age haven’t had a lot of experiences. It is hard for them to imagine other countries if they haven’t traveled. It is hard for them to imagine the need for other languages if they haven’t met people who speak them. So, to them a foreign language can seem like just a game without a real purpose Secondary school students, on the other hand, are at a good age to study foreign languages. By this age they have developed a large vocabulary in their own language and they can read and write with confidence, so they are ready to add another language or languages to their knowledge. Also, at this age students are ready to broaden their world. They are ready to start thinking about other places and other people beyond their own experience. Learning a foreign language at this stage of life can be very enriching Some schools choose to teach languages in primary school while others choose to teach them in secondary school.It depends on where you are


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